Our Application Features.

Integrating the Employee Leave Management app with Dynamics 365 offers businesses a wide range of benefits. Some of the key benefits are:


Leave Request Submission

Employees can easily submit their leave requests through our intuitive app, which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. This feature empowers employees to take control of their own leave management process.


Leave Policy Rules

Our solution allows customers to configure leave policy rules for specific leave types. This ensures all leave requests comply with company policies and helps avoid confusion or misunderstandings.


Flexible Workflow

Our solution offers a flexible workflow engine that allows line managers and HR departments to approve or reject leave requests easily. This feature ensures that the leave approval process is streamlined and efficient.


Leave Review

Our app allows line managers and HR departments to review leave requests conveniently. They can view the leave details in the review email or the app, making it easier to manage the leave approval process.


Multi-Language Support

Our app offers multi-language support, ensuring employees from diverse backgrounds can use the app without any language barriers.


Leave Data Insights

Our solution provides leave data insights for a specific employee and specific leave types. This feature enables line managers and HR departments to analyze leave data and make informed decisions about employee leave management.

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